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Thank you so much for checking out my new blog Grey and Gold. This blog is pretty new (Launched August 2018) so I am using this page to showcase some of the upcoming articles in the works under different topic areas. Eventually, those summaries will be full of hyperlinks as some of them are completed.

In the meantime please follow my Instagram account as I will be posting daily and have some great little videos in my stories and some videos are already in my IGTV to check out.


Blog-catagoetiesSit down with a coffee and have a laugh, learn something new and feel inspired by some of my personal blog articles.

Check back in this section often because this will be my most popular area.

 No topic will go untouched from

Sperm spinning, What my body looked like directly after having a baby and the horrid experience of being an “exclusive pumper“….yep us exclusive pumpers are still banished to the toilets (yet it’s normal for women to breastfeed in restaurants!!!!)… Frustrated, I will share my story about Pumping in public and what people thought.

I will share my experiences on various topics like preparing for a baby, what birth really felt like for me, how we nailed sleep training, flying with a baby long haul and LOTS more. So stay tuned for them to come out.


Blog-catagoeties_-Mommy-fitnessdWhen my son was born, everything became about my son. I  didn’t have the energy nor the time to go and slug it out at the gym for an hour, let alone find time to shower some days. That was just an excuse!

I want to see my son grow up, get married, and see his children have children one day. In order to do that I need to make sure I am healthy and active so I can be around to enjoy all that. Finding that motivation made me be creative in finding time to workout.

I will cover exercise ideas, tips, and my own personal journey.


Blog-catagoeties_-Play-ideasA child’s brain develops rapidly during the first five years of life, especially the first three years. It is a time of rapid cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and motor development and I plan on making the most of it by homeschooling my son before he even goes to a physical school.

Every week i make up my own curriculum (in advance) in the way of play in the areas of Maths, Language, Science, Art & Sensory Play, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Music, Memory Builder, Critical Thinking, Life Skills and Social/Emotional to ensure that he is getting a well-rounded learning. I also have 4 weekly topics based on the main topic area.

I will share with you my curriculum each week if you want to try it too. We started ours once he turned 18-months old). I will also share any other ideas or resources I love too grouped by babies and toddlers.

I’m probably biased because I am his mom (and seriously everything he does is amazing) but he has gotten so smart. He is 20 months old but I am sure he now knows his ABC’s, colors, shapes and counting to 10 through everything I have taught him each day.


Blog-catagoeties_-PrintablesSome times we don’t have time to read full books, think up creative ideas, or know what everything that needs to be on that checklist. This is a place where I will have found it, created it or shared it so you can get on with your life.



Blog-catagoeties_-beautyI thought I would put this category in after requests by a few friends who are always stealing my makeup or asking me for beauty tips. Back in my 20’s I worked as a model so I have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way that mothers might enjoy. I mean we are still beautiful empowered women and still deserve to look like goddesses!


Blog-catagoeties_-lifestyleThis is a space that I will be talking about my lifestyle, fashion, products, ideas, things to do, things to see, and just life in general.


Blog-catagoeties_-recipesI love to cook for my friends and family. It’s a way I show love and bring people together.  Cooking for just myself? Hmmm… not so much.

Here I will be posting about food for entertaining, dinner for the family, snacks, desserts and most importantly feeding your toddler healthy food from the moment they are just a tiny baby. My mum was shocked that my son is almost two and has never had a sugary treat, cake, ice-cream, cookies etc. His first birthday cake was a super healthy no sugar version. I just feel that while I am responsible for his diet, I will teach him to give him the best wholesome foods I can until he is old enough to make his own decisions.

I started teaching my son to cook, so check out his cooking videos.


Blog-catagoeties_travel-with-kidsFrom the time that my son was 1 year old, he had clocked over 100 hours in the airplane on long-haul flights visiting family and on holidays. In that time we have learned every tip and skill for flying with babies and toddlers. If you are planning on flying soon, THIS IS MUST READ. It’s very comprehensive!

I also love to make the experience as fun and comfortable as possible so there will be some travel product reviews of some quite innovative new products out.


Blog-catagoeties_-competititonsCheck here for any current Instagram competitions I am running, announcements, promo codes, information or terms, and conditions.


Blog-catagoeties_-about-meWant to learn more about me, my background, what inspired me to create this blog, what my dreams and inspirations are… then this will be the area to find it all. I will also share any great resources and links I love, favorite Instagram accounts to follow and much more….



And please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. I post lots more stuff daily that you won’t see on here. My page, stories, and IGTV areas have a different focus.


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