Introduction to my beauty blogs


Being a mother can mean that it can be difficult to grab five minutes for yourself and requires lots of multi-tasking. Ohhhhh the little beauty treatments and pampering rituals I enjoyed pre-baby have become a foggy memory thing of the past. When I had my first son all I wanted to do was live in my sweatpants and was too exhausted and busy to even bother with how I looked, let alone have a shower most days.

A good friend of mine told me off and said “Sally, I am ordering you to go and put on a dress! There is no extra effort getting dressed but I promise you will feel a world of difference better“. You know what, she was right! With a few small tweaks, I could be looking and feeling pretty again. My point of looking after yourself is that when you are feeling good about yourself on the outside (whether it be getting your fitness back, having great clear skin, or wearing a great lipstick) it can give you that little extra boost in your confidence.


I was not always a ‘slob’ like this. I was quite the opposite actually. Before having kids I was competing at international level beauty pageants. I also had the upkeep of being ‘on camera’ most days as a lifestyle TV host and model. Some of my highlights were shooting for Marie Claire magazine, Woman’s Health & Fitness magazine, In Style magazine, John Freida, Swarovski, and many more. I was a featured guest on the Kerri-Anne Morning Show, interviewed for Fashion TV at the Cannes Film festival.

Before having kids, modeling was a full-time upkeep of having my skin looking good, my hair soft and shiny and an art form sometimes getting ready for last minute castings in a flash. (By ready, I mean looking naturally perfect without looking like you have even touched your face with a single brush of makeup. Insert song lyrics while I walk out the door “I woke up like this…I woke up like this” … you get me?

For the last year, I have now found a nice healthy balance of looking great while not taking time away from your kids (and sleep). I’m going to share with you some of my best modeling beauty advice and secrets to help busy moms feel like a beautiful hot mom again.

Look out for my upcoming blogs about tips on skincare, makeup, hair, weight loss and great products.

Lots of love,


Grey and Gold

Disclaimer: Before we get into it, I just want to point out that I am not a professional beautician or doctor. I do not know your allergies, health, skin types or financial situation, etc. I am just talking from my own background experience, research and such and sharing what has worked for me. I would suggest you do your own research before deciding if any of this is right for you. 

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