Sick of drawing on your eyebrows on every single day, yet scared to have them tattoed on for life? Try Microblading!

Scroll down for more before and after photos and photos during the procedure.

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup where an artists hand-draws “hair” strokes onto your brow using a small tool with nine tiny blades. It’s often used to help correct, re-shape, thicken, add depth and/or color to the appearance of your brows. It’s become pretty popular over the last couple of years for women that want to wake up with perfect eyebrows every morning for the next 1-3 years. Because my morning routine consists of trying to fill in my eyebrows while my son grips my leg wanting to be held or while I’m trying to keep him out of mischief in the bathroom… I decided to get Microblading.

Here is the 101 on everything you need to know about Microblading….

Fashions change and so does beauty looks- like eyebrows. If you were born in the era of the “super thin” eyebrows that were in fashion in the 1990s, (by icons like Drew Barrymore and Pamela Anderson) then I’m sure you are struggling to keep up with the with today’s VOGUE  trend of the Power Brow.  This is a bold full bushy brow (thanks in large part to model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingnewith natural hair strokes.

My eyebrows are one of those sad-looking eyebrows that never recovered from over plucking in my teens. The issues I tried to correct every day with my pencil was super thin, patchy eyebrows, they were too spaced apart and one of my brows had this weird over-arch (like I was trying to raise one eyebrow all the time). I can’t say I was skilled at all drawing in hair strokes let alone fill them in properly, so when I now look back at old photos before having Microblading, I cringe.

“Being a mom, I need my makeup routine to be as simple as possible.  The only makeup I apply on a daily basis is brow filler and a long lasting lipstick, and the thought of not having to fill in my brows every morning seemed very, very appealing.”

I heard about Microblading two or three years ago while organizing my wedding and I never went through with it because:

  • a) It was very expensive.
  • b) Microblading is semi-permanent and what happened if I didn’t like it or I felt it didn’t last long enough.
  • c) I thought it would hurt.

After getting frustrated with filling in my eyebrows every day and with a stupid new Microblade Effect Gel Brow Pen I bought (that turned out to be a real a piece of crap), I frustratingly picked up the phone, looked at a ton of reviews on Yelp and booked a microblading appointment that day!


Before and After pics of having Microblading. It filled out my thin eyebrows, an uneven arch, filled in a bald spot and elongated the length at each ends of them.


Here is everything you need to know about Microblading….

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Yes, it is expensive, but it’s also a long term investment of the time every day to put them on and the luxury of having AMAZING eyebrows… even after you go swimming. Expect to pay on average $400- $800 USD. Mine cost $500 USD and it included one free touch up.


My eyebrows are marked out before the procedure. It’s amazing that my eyebrows are going to go from looking like sisters to TWINS! Yeay! 

WHAT IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY WITH THE RESULTS?  Before you have the procedure, they will temporarily outline the look that they will be creating, so you can give them the green light or fix something your unhappy with.  With the end resultsI doubt that you will be unhappy with the microblading effect because it’s such a natural look effect (unless you went to someone inexperienced), but If you are unhappy with the look of your eyebrows, you can go in for another touchup to fix up any concerns you may have. I went back in to have mine a little thicker. The place that I went charges $150 if I book my next appointment within 6 months of my first appointment and $250 after 6 months and $400 after 1 year. But don’t worry, I feel prices will drop as the more popular this service becomes. I feel it is still quite inflated for what it is!


HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? Anywhere from 1 to 3 years but you will want to do more regular touch-ups to stop your eyebrows from fading and keep them bold. The sharp-looking hair stroke effect only lasts about 3 months and then softens to more of a shading effect. “Various factors can determine how well the pigment will retain – such as the amount of pigment implanted, the client’s skin-type, immediate aftercare, the client’s skincare regimen, and medical history.”


Excuse the silly face, but here you can see the dye has been put on the little cuts and left on for a few minutes under some cling wrap. It stings a little, like putting lemon juice into a cut. 

PAIN LEVEL:  Microblading is uncomfortable, but it’s not unbearable for any women I know that has had it done.  The procedure feels like tiny paper cuts but if your technician properly numbs your brows before mapping them out, it feels no more than the feeling of running your own fingernail over an itch on your arm.  In a touch-up appointment, the numbing cream was not on one of my eyebrows properly and I felt everything on that one. It actually stung and I felt every cut. I remember curling my toes during the procedure.  When the numbing cream wears off the eyebrows they may be sore and itchy. Oh, and when they put the dye on the eyebrows after all the cuts have been made, it feels like putting alcohol on a wound for about 40 seconds, then fades. It is also a bit sensitive when they rub all the excess dye off after they have let it soak in for a few minutes under a bit of cling wrap.


SO WHAT DID I THINK ABOUT THE RESULTS? Hear me, ladies, I cannot recommend it enough. I NEVER usually get compliments on my eyebrows (I mean, do people even do that usually???) and have been getting quite a lot lately. Many of my friends and other mothers at the park (when I take him there to play every evening) have been complimenting my eyebrows and asking where to get it done. Also, a random dude walked past me while eating at a restaurant and said “Nice Eyebrows!”. I mean, like when does that ever happen in real life??!!!! Hahaha.



The effects of Microblading after a whole year later.


There are a few things to keep in mind when getting Microblading.

I was a little self-conscious a few days after the appointment because my brows seemed darker than expected and the strokes appeared very crisp. But luckily, throughout the weeks, the pigment softened gradually as it settled into the skin. Once my skin starts to heal, it did appear a tiny bit dry and flake a bit (but it was hardly noticeable). This is a normal healing process.

TOP: Makeup foundation on the skin in the areas that have been Microbladed. The effect is a grey unnatural look.  BOTTOM: Makeup cleaned off.

Keep in mind that you need to make sure you don’t get any foundation over that microbladed skin area when doing your makeup. Otherwise, you’re left with a faded grey look, and it’s weird. So many times I have had to get a baby wipe and run over the top of my eyebrow area.





Clients who are NOT eligible:

  • Women who are breastfeeding. (I waited and waited so that I could get this done, as I breastfed for 8 months.)
  • Who are keloid prone.
  • Who is currently using Accutane.
  • Who is currently receiving Chemotherapy.
  • If you plan on having a skin treatment that includes the exfoliation of the brow area (such as microdermabrasion), certain chemical, fruit peeling or laser treatments within 30 days after the appointment.  It may affect the result of Microblading. Clients must abstain from retinol for 30 days after the treatment. Sunlight – both natural and artificial – can also affect the results.

When choosing a technician:

  • Make sure they are licensed! It’s still considered body art.
  • You also want someone who does lovely natural brows. Check their before and after photos.
  • Manage your expectations: The hair stroke look disappears after a few months to a year so you may need to go in for touchups.

In the healing process: 

  • Your eyebrows can’t get wet for a whole week. Your brows have to properly scab over, essentially heal and fall off.  When washing your face, I would just carefully wash your face from your eyes normally and then dab around your forehead with a cloth. In the shower, I put a hand towel in there to quickly run any water that runs down my forehead.
  • You need to put a protective barrier gel on your eyebrows every day for two weeks.
  • You can’t have too hot showers as the steam will affect the scabbing. You also need to minimize sweating for the first week.
  • You need two appointments: The follow-up appointment (6-8 weeks later) is just 30 minutes to fill in gaps they may have missed or what has fallen out with the scabs.

Was Microblading worth it? You betcha!!! Best money well spent!


If you have ANY questions about Microblading, I am happy to answer them all. Leave a question in the comments section or you can DM me on Instagram.



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