FREE Printable. Mammals. Use it for homeschooling activities or blow it up for a beautiful bedroom poster.

This is a three-part series of a wall poster that I made for my son during our homeschooling topic “Where Things Live”. I had categorized living things into three categories, and I do hope to make more category posters in the future, so stay tuned.

Untitled-1-copyThese posters were up on my toddler’s play space wall for a very long time and they were a real big hit with my son.  It seems a shame not to share them with you guys.  I will do my best to get the other 2 posters (Birds and Mini-beasts) up on this blog soon. So stay tuned.


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Animal identification and comparisons.

Here are some questions to get you started, but simply the questions based on your child’s age.

  • What sound does the animal make?
  • Where could you find this mammal? (Habitat, Country, etc)
  • What special feature does this mammal have over the next mammal? (e.g. Something sharp, long, strong, fast, coat color, tail, smart, fly, smell, eyesight, etc.)
  • Does this animal have claws, hands, flippers, tails, or trunks? Why might this help this animal?
  • What feature does this animal have that helps them in their habitat?
  • What use is their tail, if they have one?
  • Is this animal an herbivore (eat plants), carnivores (eats meats) or omnivore (eats both)?


Matching game

  • Print out a second copy of the poster. Cut out each animal on one copy and use these little animal cards to match them on top of the poster.
  • Point to an animal on the poster and find your own matching toy figurines.
  • Go to the zoo and circle off each mammal you find at the zoo.

IMG_3442Wall poster

Blow up the poster bigger and display it on your wall for a great way for your child to see the mammals.

It actually can look beautiful in a nursery or toddler’s bedroom.






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Also very important:

This is a free poster brought to you by and it is free for PERSONAL USE only. Distribution of this PDF copy is strictly not permitted. Please refer your website, friends and any one else to this link on this blog.

Click here for a A4 printable: A4 Mammal poster @GREY_AND_GOLD_BLOG

Click here for an A3 printable (double the size).  A3 Mammal poster @GREY_AND_GOLD_BLOG





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