About Me

Hi, My name is Sally

I’m a 33-year-old stay at home mom of a two-year-old boy. (And trying for baby number two). I am originally from Melbourne, Australia but have spent the last 6 years living in Los Angeles.

Gee, what would you want to know about me? Well, let’s start with some credentials? I have a Business Degree in Marketing and Commercial Law. Working for myself is a big passion of mine and have been self-employed for over 14 years working in Digital Design, Marketing and in the last few years, I worked with a partner to develop apps and Amazon products.  Back in my early 20’s, I worked part-time working as a model and TV presenter. Quick little boast, but I have won some pretty “big” pageant titles in my day too.

Since my son was born two years ago, my daily life mainly revolves Greyson (as a stay home mom). People ask me all the time if my son goes to some kind of pre-kinder but I always wanted to be a school teacher growing up, so it’s fun getting to teach my little one about the world at home. He is a smart boy and picks up on things quickly so I’m always researching and getting creative on fun activities to help him reach his full potential.  I’m obsessed with hand making educational toys and learning posters, finding free activities to do in my local area, cooking healthy nutritious food and capturing memories to last a lifetime.

What inspired me to create this blog: 

This blog is to document and share what I know so far about this amazing, ever-changing and challenging journey of being a mom for everyone to enjoy. The “Ahh-Huh” moment of deciding to write a blog came from me long calls on the phone with some a pregnant friend and another cousin racking my brain for answers to all the unknown questions they had about having a baby. I also had scraps of paper from personal notes I had made about from my own experience, like what to pack for our international flights, documenting sleep patterns (which helped us start sleep training our child) and plus many more. So I will eventually finish typing them up and share all my notes and research with you all.

My blog posts are usually longer than most, informative but in a casual style. I’ll make some printouts and cheat cheats to help you guys out too along the way for what worked for us.


Some of my favorite resources to check out

Products I absolutely LOVE:

  • Freemie: If you can’t afford to buy the Willow pump (the ability to breastpump discretely and mobile) then buy yourself some Freemie pumping cups for $59.95 and get rid of that horrid Flange system that comes with most Breast Pumps! These just sit in your sports bra. I will have a full review post about these soon.
  • Think Baby Sippy Cups: Shortly after my son started getting teeth, we transitioned him off the bottle VERY EASY and to a sippy cup spout with the Think Babby Sippy cups that look like a bottle but won’t cause buck teeth from the nipple shape teat.


Great Instagram accounts to follow:

  • TheSweatBox: Creative gym workout inspiration for people who like to push themselves a little harder than the usual standard squats, crunches, and planks.
  • Celestebarber: A funny account of an ordinary lady recreating photoshoots from magazines and social media
  • Emily Skye: Like most moms who put on weight after having a baby, this lady has worked so hard to get back to her pre-baby super toned body. She also has her own workout program.



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Please comment below to ask me any questions or to request a topic.


Until the next post, love Sally.



  1. Hi Sally, my daughter is about to turn two years old and I want to update her toys to include lots of toys that will help with learning not just fun. What toys or type of toys would you recommend? Appreciate your ideas and I love seeing all your hard work keeping your son entertained while learning.


  2. Hi! Are you still blogging? I came across your toddlers schedule and I really love it. It is similar to exactly what I have been looking for but needed some support and ideas.
    It looks like you wrote it 3 years ago. I have some mom to mom questions but couldn’t find your Instagram. 😦


  3. Hey! We are thinking about doing sperm spinning. We don’t live in California, so we would have to travel. Do you have any names in Florida that could it?


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